What We Do

Equipment Dispositions, Inc. is a leading liquidator of used and surplus High-Tech Manufacturing Equipment. We effectively & efficiently maximize the financial return on the sale of surplus, excess and obsolete Cleanroom, Laboratory Scientific & Analytical Equipment. We serve the Semiconductor, Solar, Hard Drive, Electronics Assembly, PCB & SMT, Medical Device, Biotech & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries. Whether you’re facing multiple plant closures, upgrading an aging production line or have surplus equipment gathering dust in a warehouse, we are the industry experts at recovering every last penny out of your retired equipment assets.


1. Asset Disposal Services

» Online Auctions

Equipment Dispositions, Inc. hosts online auctions of used high-tech equipment assets through its website. Our auctions often generate millions of dollars for our clients, capitalizing on equipment which has been replaced, completely written-off, or otherwise made obsolete. All auctions are supervised by our knowledgeable professionals.

» Liquidations / Managed Sales 

We act as a broker for your used assets until all equipment items are purchased. This is especially useful for companies with unique or complex machinery, whose resale audience is very narrow.

» Outright Cash Purchase

Equipment Dispositions, Inc. pays cash for your used equipment and bears all costs associated with pickup, removal, transportation & storage.


2. Marketing and Sales Process

» Cataloging

Equipment Dispositions, Inc. reviews your asset list, visits your site and inspects the equipment to provide a detailed analysis and professional valuation of the items to be sold so there are no surprises once we go to market with your equipment.

» Marketing

We market equipment directly to our hand-built database of industry equipment buyers. Other tools include our online auction software, email announcements, Web advertisements, and more (depending on the type of item for resale). We also take full advantage of the enormous power and incredible reach of the Internet, using Search Engine Optimization Tools, as well as other tried and trusted resources offered by that medium.

» Selling

Once an asset is sold, we handle the invoicing, collection, including sales tax or sales tax exemption paperwork. We even remit any collected sales taxes, to the appropriate taxing authority on behalf of the seller.

» Shipping

We partner with several excellent rigging, crating, and shipping providers, so purchased equipment is properly packed and transported every time.


3. Buying and Selling Practices

»Equipment Dispositions, Inc. focuses on a broad inventory of high-tech electronics and scientific manufacturing equipment. Some examples include:

  • Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnology
  • Laboratory, Scientific and Analytical Instruments
  • Electronic Test and Measurement
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and SMT Electronics Assembly
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Processing

» All purchased equipment is typically paid for within 24 hours of bid acceptance. We use certifiable funds, so we won’t tie you up when it comes to payment.

For over 2 decades, Equipment Dispositions, Inc. has been a recognized industry leader in the field of Hi-Tech Plant Liquidations & Equipment Clearances. We made it our mission to streamline and modernize the asset disposition and liquidation industry, making transactions easier for buyer and seller alike.

Sumitomo Electric Logo

Project: Complete Plant Closure 50k sq. ft. Class 10 Cleanroom with 500+ Tools
Application: 3” – 5” GaAs Wafers, Photonic Devices
Tool Set: Photolithography, Etch, Sputter, Coat, Develop, Dice, Probe, Reliability & Test


Project: Complete Plant Closure 100k sq. ft. Class 10 Cleanroom with over 400+ Tools
Application: 6” CMOS Wafer Production
Tool Set: Photolithography, Etch, Sputter, Polish, Coat, Develop, Ion Beam Implantation

Smith and Nephew Logo

Project: Surplus Lab, Scientific & Analytical Equipment
Application: Biotech / Pharmaceutical Production of Severe Wound Bandages
Tool Set: Deposition, Vacuum Coating, Centrifuges, Spectrophotometers & Temperature Test

Micro Assembly Logo

Project: Complete Plant Closure 10k sq. ft. Class 100 Cleanroom 100+ Tools
Application: Government / Defense Research & Development
Tool Set: Coating, Sputtering, Wafer Probe, Die Bond / Attach, Metrology & Inspection

Discounted Programs for our Seller Partners

Our exclusive consignment programs offer, the lowest commission rates in the asset disposition – liquidation & auction industry.

Our plans are less expensive than eBay, and are less time & labor consuming. Best of all, we target market your asset to the right buyers, every time.

equipment dispositions, Inc. helps a business sell semiconductor lab tech equipment at auction.

Silver members achieve an 85% return or 85 cents on every dollar sold through Equipment Dispositions, Inc.

equipment dispositions, Inc. helps a business buy high tech semiconductor equipment at auction.

Gold partners see 90 cents on every dollars worth of used & surplus and obsolete equipment

equipment dispositions, Inc. helps a business sell high tech equipment at auction.

Platinum sellers see a return of 95 cents on every dollars worth sold through Equipment Dispositions, Inc. various asset re-marketing platforms