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Active Sales

High Vacuum & High Tech Equipment Auction


Gilroy, CA

Physical Electronics Ulvac PHI SUMMITT Model 1600 XPS X-Ray photoelectron Spectroscopy Surface Analysis System. MRC / Semicore 643 Sputtering System, Hi-Vac Pumps, Valves, Fittings & Plumbing Fixtures, VAT Valves, Gate Valves, Turbo Molecular Pumps, Contr


CLOSING: 8/22/2019 AT 2:00 PM PST

Bio Tech & Medical Equipment Auction #2

BIO TECH & MEDICAL Equipment Auction

Livermore, CA

Bio Reactors, Chromatography Columns, Fermentation, Purification & Filtration Systems & Surplus Medical & Surgical Equipment from a Nationally Recognized Laboratory Services Provider


CLOSING: 8/29/2019 AT 2:00 PM PST

Completed Sales

Invax Logo


Sunnyvale & Gilroy, CA

Mitutoyo BH305 & FN503 CMM’s, Forward Technology (Crest) SS Solvent Cleaning System, Crest IPA Dryer Cleaner, Hitachi S-520 SEM Kevex X-Ray Opt. (2) Polycold PFS-550-HC & (2) Polycold PFC-550-ST Cryogenic Chillers, March Inst. PX-1000 Plasma Etcher, BASL


CLOSED: 8/1/2019

Alta Devices

Alta Devices & Others – Assets Formerly Of:

(2005) Innolas ILS 700P, s/n P257 built Jun 2005, rebuilt ~ 2011-12
XY gantry system, two vacuum chucks, two machine vision cameras, 480 V 3-phase 8 kVA
Spectra Physics Hippo laser, 355 nm, 12 ns pulse width, 4 W Includes J80 laser power supply and chill

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Auction

Livermore & Gilroy, CA

Surplus Medical Equipment from a Nationally Recognized Lab Services Provider


BIOTECH Equipment Auction

Livermore, CA

Chromatography Related Equipment Assets

CLOSED: 6/26/2019

CLOSED: 7/19/2019

CLOSED: 7/25/2019

More Completed Sales

RF & Thin Film Lab Equipment

RF & Thin Film Lab Equipment

Gilroy, CA

Perkin Elmer Elmer 2400 Sputter / Evaporator, (2) CHA RAP-1000 Sputter / Coaters, Plasma-Therm & MRC Sputter Coating Systems, (2) Canon FLA-501 Mask Aligners, Electroglas & Signatone Probers, Alcatel, Edwards & Ebara Pumps, ENI

By Order of Major Biotech Co: STATE-OF-THE-ART LYOPHILIZER

By Order of Major Biotech Co: STATE-OF-THE-ART LYOPHILIZER

San Francisco, CA

CHRIST- MARTIN CHRIST Life Sciences Epsilon 2-10D LCSplus

CH Reynolds

CH Reynolds: Commercial Electrical Supplies, Materials Inventory

Livermore, CA

Over 50 Skids / Pallets of Electrical Supplies, Inventory & MRO Materials Sold as 1 Lot

CLOSED: 5/30/2019

CLOSED: 6/06/2019

CLOSED: 6/13/2019

IOS Logo

IOS Optics: Surplus Equipment Due to Relocation

Santa Clara, CA

CHA RAP1000 Evaporator / Coater, Strausbaugh Polishers, Polishing Tables & Lapping Tools, Meyer Berger Grinders, Bridgeport Mills, to include all the Contents not being relocated from a 35,000sq. ft Optics & Optical Coating Production Facility

Silicon Valley Logo

Medical, Laboratory, Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment:

Gilroy, CA

Large Assortment of Medical, Laboratory, Electronics & Semiconductor, Manufacturing Equipment Consigned from Many of Silicon Valley’s World Renown Corporations

Surplus Equipment from an Alternative Energy Producer - Logo

Surplus Equipment from an Alternative Energy Producer

Fremont, CA

Fritsch Pulverisette Orbital Pulverizer, Carl Zeiss Confocal Microscope, Keysight S-Parameter Analyzer, Lindberg Laboratory Tube Furnace, Brookfield Viscometer, Nelab Chillers, Agilent Digitizing Oscilloscopes

CLOSED: 4/10/2019

CLOSED: 5/09/2019

CLOSING: 5/23/2019

ASM Canon Logo

Canon Anelva ASM – Wafer Processing Tools

Gilroy, CA

Canon Anelva ILD-4100 – ASM600 UHV-CVD & 500sq. ft. Portable Cleanroom For Sale / Auction

Raytheon Logo

Raytheon – Surplus Equipment to Continuing Ops

San Jose, CA

Featuring: Electronic Test & Measurement, Lab, Scientific & Analytical Equipment, Temperature Test & Reliability Equipment

MKS Logo

Semiconductor Spares, Parts & Peripherals

San Jose, CA

Adtec & Advanced Energy RF Plasma Generators & Power Supplies, Leybold Turbo Molecular Pumps, Brooks Vacuum Cassette Elevators, VAT Gate, Butterfly & Pendulum Valves, Granville-Phillips, Anelva & Shimaden Controllers

CLOSED: 4/12/2019

CLOSED: 3/21/2019

CLOSED: 2/28/2019

Microsemi Logo

Microsemi – Surplus Test Equipment Used by Microsemi

San Jose, CA

ANRITSU 69347A & 69347B, 37347A, AGILENT 86100A & 86130A, AGILENT 8720D, AGILENT 83620B, AGILENT 4145B, AGILENT, ROHDE & SCHWARZ FSEA & FSEM 20, Tektronix CSA8000, TDS694C, 11801C,

Thermo Fisher Scientific Logo

LEA # 1 Laboratory Equipment Auction

Fremont, CA

Surplus Laboratory Related Equipment from Leading OEM’s such as; Agilent, AE, Bio Rad, Blue M, Branson, Bruker, Cole Parmer, Denver Inst., Fisher, Haake, Labconco, MKS, Neslab, Ohaus, Sorvall, Thermo, Ultron, VWR & More!!!


E.M.A. Electronics Mfg. Auction # 4

Gilroy, CA

Featuring Surplus Electronics Related Manufacturing Equipment from World Renown O.E.M.’s – Agilent, Alcatel, Brooks, Edwards, Tektronix, AE Advanced Energy, More items being added……..

CLOSED: 2/14/2019

CLOSED: 1/31/2019

CLOSED: 1/24/2019

Global Solar - Hanergy Company

GLOBAL SOLAR Surplus Equip

San Jose, CA

Berger PSS 8 – ST Pulsed Solar Simulators (3) – MacGregor DC2003P Spot Welding Stations (4) Advanced Energy AE ATX-600 RF Power Supplies (4) – Adept Cobra S-600 Robots (2), DENSO HS-45452e/GM 4 Axis SCARA Robots, SpeedMax DAC 1100 & DAC 400 High Powered I

EMA Logo

EMA – Electronics Manfacturing Auction 3

San Jose, CA

Vacuum Atmospheres Co. & SSEC Hermetic Gloveboxes, Yield Engineering YES R-1 Plasma Etcher, Thermotron SE 1400-6 Environmental Chamber, Sela Camtek Xact 100 FEM SEM, Varian 959 & Varian 979 Helium Leak Detectors

Newport Logo


San Jose, CA

Ocean Optics & Crystal Research, Lasers, Newport Optical Translation Stages, Mirrors, Mounts & Brackets, Newport & TMC Optical Breadboard Tables & Electronic Test Equipment & High Voltage Power Supplies & Meters

CLOSED: 1/10/2019

CLOSED: 12/13/2018

CLOSED: 12/06/2018

Tystar Logo


Los Angeles, CA

TYSTAR TYTAN 8300 3 STACK LPCVD DIFFUSION FURNACE – Tystar 8″ Diffusion Furnace. Tube 1 Not Populated – Tube 2 Dry or Wet Etch Oxidation of Silicon – Tube 3 Not Populated – Process Tube Can Accommodate up to One Hundred 8″ Wafers Per Cycle. Max Temp is 10

Advanced Energy Logo


Gilroy, CA

AMAT, AE, Agilent, Brooks, Balzers, CTI-Cryogenic, Edwards, ENI, Haskris, HP, Lambda, MKS, Neslab, Newport, Osaka Vacuum, SEIKO-SEIKI, THERMOTRON, VAT, WVR Scientific & More!!!

GEA Niro Logo


Livermore, CA

(2005) GEA Niro Soavi NS2006H Emulsifier Homogenizer & Avestin EmulsiFlex C55 B/VS Homoginizer Emulsifier.

CLOSED: 11/29/2018

CLOSED: 11/15/2018

CLOSED: 11/8/2018

Nasa Logo

World Renown RESEARCH LAB – Surplus Optical, Thin Film & Chemlab Equipment

140 S. Montgomery Street, San Jose, CA 95110

Surplus Equipment From an Optical, Thin Film, Characterization Research Lab (s) . Featuring: Raman Spectrometers, Newport Optical Fixtures, Photonics, Lasers, General Purpose Lab Equipment & More!!!

USCi Logo

United Silicon Carbide: Surplus to Continuing Operations

Monmouth Junction, NJ

(2012) AIXTRON – Aixtron HW2400 SiC Epi Reactor Model: HW2400 & MRL 4 Stack Diffusion Furnace

CH Reynolds Logo

CH Reynolds: Inventory Assets Formerly Of

Livermore, CA

Over 50 Skids / Pallets of Electrical Supplies, Inventory & MRO Materials Sold as 1 Lot

CLOSED: 10/25/2018

CLOSED: 10/11/2018

CLOSED: 09/19/2018

EMA Logo

EMA – Electronics Manufacturing Auction 2

Gilroy, CA

Reliability Ovens, Espec, Thermatron & Blue-M, Pumps & Chillers, Edwards, Alcatel, Neslab, Thermo Electron, Wafer Probers, Signatone, Electroglas, Microscopes, Nikon, Olympus & Zeiss, Vacuum Chambers & Ovens

NanoMetrics Logo

Nanometrics: Surplus to Continuing Operations

San Jose & Gilroy, CA

EVG 640 Mask Aligner, JA Woollham Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Equipment Rorze Robotic Wafer Robot, Xenon Light Sources, Linear Stages, Motors & Programmable Logic Controllers, Newport Optical Stages, General Lab Surplus to Include Ovens, Microscopes, Pumps

Luminus Logo

Surplus Equipment to the Continuing Operations of Luminus

Fremont, CA

AKT – 1600 PECVD System, CHA Mark 50 Evaporator, Quintel Q4000 Mask Aligner, ASM Eagle Wire Bonder, Karl Suss MicroTec MA1006 Mask Aligner, Jobin YVon Horiba 750M M Series Spectrometer, 4 Dimensions 6 Point Probe, Logitech DH 300 High Speed Polisher, Edwa

CLOSED: 09/18/2018

CLOSED: 09/12/2018

CLOSED: 08/22/2018

Semiconductor Auction

Semiconductor Mfg., Electronic Test & Reliabilty Lab, Peripherals & Spares

Featuring a large inventory and assortment of Electronic Test Equipment, Laboratory and Cleanroom Equipment as well as Spare Parts and related Peripherals, from renown companies, Agilent, Brooks, Edwards, HP, MKS, Neslab, Nikon, Olympus, Tek, Thermo Elect

Mattson Technology Logo

Mattson Technology: Surplus Equipment to Continuing Operations

140 S. Montgomery Street San Jose, CA 95110

Semitool SRD’s – Spin, Rinse, Dryers, Vacuum Pumps, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment, Mcroscopes and Inspection Equipment, Laboratory Ovens & Chambers & More…..


Enovix – Surplus Equipment Assets to Continuing Operations

Fremont, CA

Amerimade Wet Process Etch Lines, (2014) HAAS VF 1 Machining Center, (2014) ASM DEK Horizon Screen Printer, (2012) Chemcut Spray Etcher, (2012) Nanovea ST 400 Quickline Scan 3D, (2014) Charles Ross PDM-2 PowerMix, (2014) TOX Presssotechnik

CLOSED: 07/25/2018

CLOSED: 07/26/2018

CLOSED: 06/28/2018

WAFAB International Logo

Assets Formerly of WAFAB International

San Jose, CA

(2) SVG 90 ES Wafer Bake, Coat, Developer – (4) SRS 850 Lock-in Amplifiers – SELA Camtek Xact 100FE TEM STEM – SELA Camtek EM3 Cryo Dry Saw TEM STEM Prep – Zoller SMILE 400 Presetter – Thermotron SE-1400-15 Test Chamber – Zeiss Axiotron Microscopes – SSEC

Akami Solar

Akamai Solar Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA

Hitachi S-4700 Scanning Electron Microscope, Rigaku XRF ZXF Primus III+, Rigaku MiniFlex 600, Perkin Elmer Lambda 900, Ultratech Simply ALD Atomic Layer Deposition, Horiba Flouromax, Semicore Sputtering Systems

Surplus Photo

Surplus to the Ongoing Operations of a Major Semiconductor / Photovoltaic Mfg

San Jose, CA

Phillips F.E.I. XL 30 S High Resolution Field Emission Microscope

KLA HRP 220 High Resolution Profiler

Ultratech 4700 / Titan Wafer Stepper

SVG 90 S Wafer Tracks

Thermotrom SM-32-1800 Environmental Chamber

Cary 5E Spectrophotometer.

CLOSED: 06/7/2018

CLOSED: 06/12/2018

CLOSED: 03/29/2018

EMA Logo

EMA – Electronics Manufacturing Auction

Stockton, CA

TEST & RELIABILITY: Thermotron Enviromental Chambers, Agilent, Fluke, Tektronix, Test Equipment, AUTOMATION, SEIKO Robots, GE Fanuc PLC’s, Newport & Anorad Stages, SEMI-EQUIPMENT & PERIPHERALS: Turbo Molecular Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Comdel & ENI Power Suppl

Sumitomo Electric Logo

Sumitomo Electric: Surplus Assets, Formerly Of

San Jose, CA

Digital, Optical & RF Test & Measurement Equipment from renown manufacturers such as Agilent, Ando, Fluke, Hewlett Packard, JDS-Uniphase, Tektronix and others. Optical Linear XY&Z Stages, Mirrors, Controllers, Drivers and Optical BreadBoard Tables from Ne

ITF Technologies – Surplus to Continuing Operations

Saint-Laurent, Canada

Qty-2 Coherent Sabre MOTORFred Laser Systems

CLOSED: 03/15/2018

CLOSED: 03/07/2018

CLOSED: 02/28/2018

Global Solar Logo

Global Solar – Hanergy- Surplus to Ongoing Operations

Tuscon, AZ

(2007) THIEME RR1000 350×834 SOLAR SCREEN PRINTER ROLL TO ROLL SN RR1000709S0013749

parc, A Xerox Company

parc, A Xerox Company

San Jose, CA

Assets Formerly of parc, A Xerox Company: Surplus Scientific, Analytical, and Electronic Test Equipment from a world renowned R&D Facility.

Hazlow Electronics – Surplus Equipment to Ongoing Operations

Rochester, NY

Landrex Optima II LANDREX OPTIMA II 7301 EXPRESS INSPECTION SYSTEM New in 2008 INSPECTION SYSTEM WITH ACCESSORIES 1 SET -5 Camera system & extensive teaching manual

CLOSED: 02/08/2018

CLOSED: 01/25/2018

CLOSED: 02/28/2018


Expertly Remarketing:


Electronic Test & Measurement: Agilent, Ando, Anritsu, Burleigh, EXFO, Fluke, Hewlett Packard ILX Lightwave, Keithley, Keysight, LeCroy, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Yokogawa


Laboratory, Scientific & Analytical: ADT, Bausch & Lomb, Branson, Blue M, Buchi, Banstead, Beckman Coulter, Bruker, Buehler, Cincinnati Sub-Zero, Cole Parmer, Digital Instruments, CTI Cryogenics, EG&G, Electroglas, Fisher Scientific, Olympus, MBRAUN Mitutoyo, Zeiss, Zygo


Semiconductor & Electronics: Applied Materials, ASML, Aixtron, Advanced Energy, Brooks, EVG, Canon, CHA Industries, Cascade Microtek, Disco, Edwards Ebara, Electroglas, FSI, KLA-Tencor, Karl Suss, LAM Research, Novellus, Nanometrics, Nikon, TEL Tokyo Electron, Strasbaugh, Veeco, Wentworth Labs

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